Concept Partners

Local companies dedicated to sustainable development

Our eco-friendly chalets have been made possible thanks to the products supplied by companies in eastern Quebec that work in the field of eco-construction. The companies are as follows:

CONTACT for the design of the Domaine Floravie

The cooperative CONTACT is a laboratory dedicated to sustainable development. Each of its three departments aims to promote eco-responsibility by means of concrete policies.

CONTACT-InnovationThe mission of the department CONTACT Innovation is to initiate changes in behavior in order to implement the principles of sustainable development in all areas. Involved in numerous eco-friendly housing projects, applied environmental research and regional sustainable development, it applies an integrated design approach to each challenge with which it has been entrusted. Thus, thanks to their valuable advice, CONTACT Innovation has allowed us to design the Domaine Floravie as a whole while at the same time respecting the principles of sustainable development.

CONTACT-SignatureThe department CONTACT Signature transforms and markets agro-forestry biomass to encourage green construction. The wood comes from local and integrated-managed forests and the wood stains used are the most eco-friendly currently available on the market. Thus, the products offered have a low environmental footprint, allowing our chalets to reach our criteria in terms of ecological construction.

L’Étoffe rustique for hemp wool

ettofe-rustiqueThe shop offers products that meet very strict guidelines in terms of the environment. Eager to providing the very best, the company offers a full range of household products as well as products for decor and eco-construction.

Hemp wool, in terms of thermal and sound-absorbing insulation, is a product already recognized in Europe. It is an insulation that offers a high thermal inertia. When the building cools down, it is capable of returning the heat to the interior; the reason why we have chosen this product for the insulation of our chalets.

Menuiserie Bélisle for doors and windows


Menuiserie Bélisle Inc. offers a wide range of doors and windows whose wood is a premium product of very high quality. These products in natural materials distinguish themselves by their sturdiness, their hermetical seal and their reliability, all leading to an excellent energy performance.

The use of wood material reduces the environmental footprint of our chalets and actively contributes to combating climate change.