2020 Guidelines

Guidelines for the 2020 season

Guidelines for the 2020 season

Our team looks forward to welcoming you for the 2020 season! But first of all, let's talk about the impact of the current situation on future stays.

The health and safety of our customers and employees, as well as that of their loved ones, is our priority. In order to ensure their safety during this period of pandemic, we have implemented a comprehensive intervention plan that includes several measures to prevent and control the risk of infection with Covid-19, all in accordance with Public Health recommendations. Every day, we ensure that these measures are understood and applied by our team and our visitors, with the goal of providing a safe environment for everyone.Vous pouvez donc dès maintenant réserver en ligne votre escapade au bord du fleuve dès le 5 juin en cliquant sur le bouton. 

Document to sign at your arrival (PDF)

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We also remind you that we have taken the initiative to open the 2021 booking calendar a few months in advance, with the same rates as in 2020. You can therefore reserve your 2021 getaway on our website. By booking your stay with us, we guarantee you the best price, that' s a promise!

For a worry-free stay

Until further notice, the following is a summary of the recommendations of the public health authorities in anticipation of a stay in a tourist residence:

  • A cottage should be occupied by a maximum of 3 family units occupying the same address, as requested by the government. Proof of residence will be required. Last edit: 10/06/2020
  • Prioritize direct travel in order to limit contact, which means shopping in your area before you travel and limiting your trips in the area you visit.
  • Visitors must not have symptoms of Covid-19, must not have travelled out of the country or been in contact with an infected or possibly infected person at least 14 days prior to your arrival. A Public Health document must be signed by the occupants.
  • Starting June 15, rental of our two meeting rooms is only permitted by the government for a maximum of 10 people, with a maximum of 3 family units (same address) until further notice. Last edit: 10/06/2020
  • Arrival time will now be 5:00 p.m. and departure at 10:00 a.m. during the 2020 season in order to allow our team to precede the increased cleaning and disinfection of the cottages.
  • In the event that your stay cannot take place due to the pandemic, we have adapted our cancellation policy during this crisis to offer you more flexibility. During the current crisis, cancellation of a reservation may be made, without charge (full refund of the deposit), up to eight (8) days prior to your scheduled arrival date (not usually 30 days). After this period, your deposit can be applied to a later stay, at your convenience.


Our commitment to the well-being of all 

According to the recommendations of the public health authorities, we promise for your safety and that of our team: 

  • For social distancing, no worries, there is a minimum distance of 100 m between each cottage. When you travel on the site and in the area, please observe a 2 meter distance between them.
  • A contactless arrival and departure procedure will be set up.
  • An enhanced disinfection and cleaning procedure according to Public Health recommendations will be applied.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting supplies are available in each cottage in addition to the instructions to be followed.
  • In order to limit contact, please communicate your special requests before your arrival by email or by phone to reservations (extra water, barbecue, wood for a fire, etc). 

Do you have any questions about a reservation or our procedures? 

Our owner Donald will be pleased to discuss it with you by phone at (418) 736-4000 or 1 855-736-5755.

The entire team is looking forward to welcoming you in our little paradise!
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You have booked your stay for 2020? 

  • Fourteen days prior to your arrival (or at the time of booking if shorter), you will receive an email asking you to answer certain questions related to COVID-19 and your health status. You will be asked to fill out a document indicating your requirements in terms of amenities (dishes, bedding, etc.) during your stay.
  • Given the large number of reservations for the 2020 season, it will be difficult for us to respect a 24-hour delay between each client (Public Health recommendation for more than 4 people in a chalet). However, we guarantee that the cleaning and disinfection of our units will be done rigorously to allow you to enjoy your stay in complete serenity.
  • Upon arrival, only one person will be able to go to the reception desk to make payment (by credit or debit card) and collect the documents. There will also be physical markers on the ground to respect physical distance.
  • For towels, dishcloths and bedding, there will be bins outside the cottages for you to put them in.
  • Information signs will be posted in the units explaining the use of the various amenities as well as the rules regarding health hygiene. This will minimize contact between you and our staff and make your stay easier.
  • If during your stay, you develop symptoms of COVID-19, we ask that you isolate yourself in your unit and wear a mask and notify us as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you contact the COVID-19 information line at 1 877 644-4545 and follow their instructions. 
  • According to government measures, it is strongly advised that you do not stop on the way between your main residence and the Domaine. You should also avoid shopping at local businesses and leave your home with all the necessary equipment and food.