Take advantage of the services that the Domaine Floravie has to offer

Health & Well-being

Several professionals from the region of Rimouski and Bic can offer, at their convenience, their expertise and can do so at the Domaine Floravie itself. Whether it be an energizing workshop, a yoga session, a massage or a health and beauty treatment, you can take advantage of their services right here (please contact us for availability in 2016). You will also be able to participate in activities close to the Domaine Floravie.




Adjoining the Domaine Floravie, you will find the farm SageTerre, a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a lifestyle which is healthy, balanced and ecologically responsible. It is a cooperative living space based upon mutual help and the respect of all beings (human and animal) who live there. In short, it is an alternative lifestyle that is both attainable and fulfilling. The farm SageTerre is available for either working holidays and/or relaxation during the months of June, July, August and September.