From la Batoche to the Pointe à Santerre: the Domaine Floravie is born!

The peninsula located at the mouth of the Rivière-Hâtée, which flows into the St. Lawrence, was initially called "Pointe-à-Batoche", in reference to its first inhabitant who died at the venerable age of 98 years.

The "Pointe" and the surrounding lands belonged to "la Batoche" and her husband, dating back to 1856. They then sold the “Pointe” to W. D. Campbell, who in turn resold it to his sister and brother-in-law, Andrew Noble, for the sum of five shillings. In return, the captain of the Royal Regiment of Artillery undertook to provide for the needs of both Jean-Baptiste Fournier and his wife until the end of their lives.

In 1889, the "Pointe" passed into the hands of Pierre Santerre. It then became known as "Pointe à Santerre ", a name that the peninsula still holds today. In the early 1970s, the descendants of the Santerre family then offered about 40 hectares of the site to the Oeuvre Langevin. The religious community, including the Archbishop of Rimouski, would use the site for retreats, seminars and other such religious gatherings.

Today, the "Domaine Floravie" is the conduit through which everyone can enjoy this magnificent haven of tranquillity and does so by allowing access to the “Pointe à Santerre” by means of its eco-tourism services.

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