Our values

The human being at the heart of nature

Billions of human beings, only one planet...


We believe that people can thrive from having a better and more fulfilling life. Respecting the environment by simple, everyday actions, will undoubtedly lead to improving global conditions.

We are proposing that this is achievable in a natural environment, , in which everyone can be restored with balance, serenity and personal development.

Our mission

At the enchanting site of Pointe à Santerre, le Domaine Floravie offers both the conditions and the facilities that promote healing, renewal of self with nature and with environmental, social and spiritual core values.

Environmental values

Reduce our environmental impact

Respect the planet for the benefit of all

In a world that is becoming increasingly artificial, we believe that it is essential to renew with nature, in a setting that is pure, healthy and peaceful, in order to get back to our roots by learning or relearning simple ways that can help us preserve our planet.

Amid a breathtaking mountainous landscape, gently rocked by the melodious rhythm of the ocean waves, we are offering you an eco-responsible lifestyle, in an eco-friendly chalet surrounded by wild flowers, in order for you to learn how to reduce your environmental footprint.


Take care of yourself : time to recharge your batteries

Fulfill your potential

The enrichment of self starts with listening to your inner voice

Nowadays, we understand that it is important to maintain our health, both physically and spiritually. To find the balance between our professional and personal lives, we sometimes need to rediscover what is residing deep inside of us in order to make sense of who we are and who we want to become.

Working towards a spiritual renewal is vital in order to restore balance, be it to reconnect with ourselves or to bring us closer to others.

Renewal of self can be achieved in several ways. Some people will meditate while others will engage in physical activity. Hence, in order to reconnect with your core values, what could be better than to find yourself in a setting that is calm and serene as well as relaxing and stimulating?


Social Values

Living together harmoniously

Promote social ties thus preventing exclusion

Communication and discussions with others are valuable remedies to loneliness; they allow us to express our emotions, to share both the good and the bad times and to forge new friendships.

In order to promote social interaction between people and thus contribute to the well-being of all, there will be two rooms at your disposal for group activities. Whether they be for corporate events, intimate musical concerts, relaxation sessions or reflection groups, what could be better than to be surrounded by a breathtaking view of the Saint Lawrence River? In addition, you will be able to have full access to the site as a whole in order to promote discussions and reflections with members of your group …