Take advantage of the services that the Domaine Floravie has to offer

Outdoor activities

Several professionals from the region of Rimouski and Bic can offer, at their convenience, their expertise and can do so at the Domaine Floravie itself. Whether it be an energizing workshop or a yoga session, you can take advantage of their services right here. You will also be able to participate in activities close to the Domaine Floravie.

Aventures Archipel

aventure-archipelAventures Archipel is a tourist company specializing in sea kayaking excursions. Their purpose is to offer you the experience of a lifetime, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, friendliness and relaxation. Outings on the water take place off the Parc national du Bic and off île Saint-Barnabé, across from Rimouski. Both locations will fill you with their tranquillity and natural beauty.


Crédit: Parc national du Bic